Guillaume Bo for Walker Slater

The first thing you realise when you meet Gui Bo is that he’s a surprising person. He defines himself as a gentleman farmer, lives in beautiful bastide in south of France, dresses up like a dandy and he’s a respected hip hop producer. 

Still he’s a simple man, authentic. Gui believes in first impression.

“Style is important, we don’t introduce ourselves naked do we? We are not naked, and when we are well.. that’s another story!”

I spend some time with him while he’s picking up his outfits at Walker slater for the photo shoot. He’s taking his time and he’s meticulous. Details, that’s what’s important for him. And now I realise than being one of the most respected male model out there is not only about being good looking but about understanding harmonies, as he does with his music and with his clothes.

Watch the video of Guillaume Bo for Walker Slateryoutube-logo-full_color

Guillaume Bo’s Menswear 10 Commandments